Monday, August 28, 2017

Should Houston have been evacuated?...


I'm tired of reading stupid stories about the mayor of Houston not ordering evacuation and somehow the flooding is all his fault - except when it's Trump's fault for pulling out of the Paris Accords.

I get it.

He's black.

He's a Democrat.

That doesn't give people license to be stupid.

The population of Houston proper is 2.6 million people.  If you add in the surrounding towns you're probably looking at about 6 or 7 million people.  Exactly how do you put this many people on a bunch of freeways without experiencing havoc?  You don't.

I lived in Houston. I know Houston. Many of the people shooting off their pie- holes have never even been to Houston.  I'd much rather sit on my roof over the possibility of dying on a highway. 

Meantime the Antifa crowd is sucking up news time with their antics.  Reports are that they were attacking Trump supporters in Berkeley while police stood around doing nothing.

Antifa spreading the love.  
I've got a great idea for the "Love Trump's Hate" crowd.  Instead of showing your great love by pepper spraying people, how about you get your skanky worthless commie butts down to Houston to help rescue people?  Have a boat?  Drag it with you.

The pictures I see coming out of Houston are of black people helping white people, white people helping Asian people, and young people helping old people.  I see private citizens using their own boats to rescue people.

As it should be.

KHOU is doing a wonderful job of live coverage

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