Monday, August 21, 2017

Filthy leftists vandalize 225 year old statue of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore...

because somehow that will make all the black people living in poverty rich - or something.

I keep asking this:  What the hell is wrong with people?

The Hill:
A 225-year-old monument commemorating Christopher Columbus was vandalized early Monday amid the nationwide debate on removing Confederate statues and monuments.  
A video posted on Monday shows the monument being smashed. It shows two unidentified people taping a sign reading "The future is racial and economic justice" on the monument. One of them then hits the monument with what appears to be sledgehammer while the other stands next to the monument holding a sign that reads "Racism: Tear it down."

Listen to this mental midget explain his actions of which the main theme is the blacks of Baltimore are poor because of white people.  Ah, in a word, no.  The blacks of Baltimore are poor because they never finished school, have numerous children out of wedlock, refuse to work, and are generally violent and unable to process future time.

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