Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What to make of Michael Flynn, Tucker Carlson interviews a dangerously insane woman, and I know where the sponsored ads are coming from...

first up - Michael Flynn.

After wasting hours doing as much due diligence as possible for a lone woman living in North Idaho, I concluded that I was in no position to get anywhere near the truth of the situation.  Is the CIA to be trusted?  My conclusion is no.  Did Mike Flynn lie.  Not sure.  Did he break the law.  Probably not.  Is there a dangerous leak in the White House?  You betcha!

And therein lies the problem.  Leaks.

Will Trump get to the bottom of the leaks?  Yes.


If you want to see a classic insane leftist, take a bit of time to watch Tucker Carlson interview the ring leader of the protests against "fascists" who, according to her, are inciting violence, death threats, riots, and destruction of private property.  Oh, wait - aren't all the aforementioned things owned by the libtards?

Listening to someone like this actually scares me. 

Sponsored Ads no longer a mystery

An off-hand comment made at a blog led me to the culprit for the sponsored ads on my posts.

Drum roll, please.



Those sponsored ads come from Disqus and they informed me of them probably years ago.  It seems I missed the memo.  Can I opt out?  Yes.  But while reading up on them at Disqus they said I was being paid.  Huh?  Really?  Where?  So I popped over to my admin page and discovered they had $112.00 for me and all I had to do was tell them where to send it. Well, okay then.  I did move the ads to the bottom of the comment section so they're less intrusive. 

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