Monday, February 13, 2017

Jesuit Father James Martin goes on MSNBC Joy Reid show to bash Stephen Bannon and "traditional Catholics...

an unfortunate way to start the day.

From Breitbart:

The Jesuit editor of the progressive America magazine has thrown his support behind the fabricated story of a war between Pope Francis and Stephen K. Bannon, President Trump’s chief strategist. On the far-left MSNBC cable television channel Sunday, Father James Martin said that Steve Bannon is a “radical traditionalist” opposing Pope Francis’s reforms and pining “for a time when the Church was purer.”

In a segment titled “Steve Bannon vs. the Pope,” Martin suggested that Bannon uses Church teaching to promote “racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic sentiments.”

Apparently, in Father Martin’s version of the gospel, it is wrong to oppose radical Islamists, but it is fine to bear false witness against a fellow Christian, running him down with baseless slanders and slurs.
Bannon is not only an anti-Pope Francis, Martin alleged, “I would also say he is an anti-Pope Benedict and an anti-Pope John Paul.”

“All these people were about economic justice,” Martin said, implying that Steve Bannon is not.

Father Martin also made the astonishing claim that Jesus Christ does not share Steve Bannon’s view of Catholicism as the “Church militant,” which he said is a synonym of “radical traditionalists.”

“I don’t think it was Jesus’ point of view either,” he said.  More
NB:  Father Martin's use of the word "was" in the last sentence instead of "is."

I've never been a fan of Father Martin, and listening to his smarmy mincing delivery of what could only be considered calumny (which is a sin!), I'm not surprised that he's on a far left show spewing his nonsense.

He remained silent when a panel member called Jeff Sessions a "known racist" and other panel members bandied about the terms conspiracy theorist and white supremacist as applied to Bannon while as the same time positing the conspiracy theory that Bannon was attempting to subvert the Church - or something. 

 He said nothing when E.J. Dionne called +Raymond Cardinal Burke "a foe of the Pope" and that Bannon and Burke had "bonded" when they met in Rome.

Right on cue, Father Martin had to throw out the “racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic" cards proving he's a dope and a pawn.

He also actually used the term "rad-trad" as a pejorative against those of us who hold to Tradition.  You just don't get any more ugly than that. 

Is it any wonder that un-catechised Americans are leaving the Church in droves? 

Watch the whole gory mess HERE


The constant lefty marches, meltdowns, and misadventures are wearing thin.

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