Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Product Review: JAWS glass cleaner...

because that's all I can handle today.

My favorite do-it-yourself home improvement man around the house, Gary Sullivan, strikes again.

 I've used several of the products he has as sponsors on his radio show and he has never led me astray. I used the Spread Stone™ Mineral Select™ Countertop Refinishing Kit in my kitchen.  I was so overwhelmed with the results, I did the top of my dining room table and buffet. 

Over the past few months my ears have wiggled when I heard him advertising JAWS window cleaner.  As far as I got was thinking, "What the hell kind of name is that for a product that cleans glass and mirrors?"

Then I listened when he extolled the virtues of the streak free cleaning.  All righty, then.  Let me go look up this fabulous stuff.

Why is it called JAWS?

JAWS stands for "just add water system."

From their website:
JAWS is an eco-friendly system of highly effective cleaners which gives everyone the chance to take great care of their home and our precious planet at the same time! Our innovative, easy-to-use system helps reduce plastic in landfills and saves you money as you can reuse the spray bottles up to 26 times with JAWS refill pods. Try our non-toxic Glass Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser, Hardwood Cleaner and Daily Shower Cleaner for a streak-free shine throughout your home!
I was pretty happy with my current window cleaner, but I decided to give it a try.  I ordered two full sets.  Each set includes a bottle and two refill pods.  In the future, I'll only order the refill pods which only cost $3.99 for two.

Why will I reorder?

Because this stuff is everything they say it is plus more.  I have never, ever had glass look so clean so quickly with absolutely no streaking.

Colonel Winthrop desk

The biggest test came when I cleaned the glass fronts on my Colonel Winthrop secretary desk.  The last time I cleaned the glass it took approximately two hours and they still looked crappy. I used three different glass cleaners and tried drying with cloth, newspaper, paper towel, and coffee filters.  I finally tried straight vinegar. They were still streaked and had a film.

Enter JAWS.  Instead of two hours, it took about two minutes and they were absolutely spotless and clearer than I've ever seen them.

That's it.  I'm sold. Anything that gives those kinds of results in that little  time is my new number one product. 

You can buy it directly from the company or from Amazon.

Disclaimer:  I received nothing from JAWS for this review.  Amazon gives me a tiny rebate, without costing you anything extra, if you order from them.

Update on Milsek Furniture Polish:

I reviewed Milsek Furniture Polish back on May 18th.  I loved how it made my furniture look.

Now I have another reason to love it - my plastic patio furniture.

I tried everything, including WD-40, on the outdoor furniture and it still looked pretty bad.  Yesterday I washed the chairs and wiped them down with Milsek.  Whoa!  They look like new and have no oily residue at all.

These pictures are not the best due to the blazing (very hot) sun, but be informed that these chairs are over 15 years old.  

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