Thursday, June 30, 2016

Michelle Obama wears flour sack to meet beautiful lady in red dress...

Queen Letizia was not available for comment.

Michelle Obama, off on her tax-payer funded vacation with her daughters and her mother, once again be-clowns herself by wearing what appears to be the wrap from her last visit with her gynecologist.

Was she in Spain to lecture Queen Letizia on improving education for little Spanish girls?  I'm sure Letizia really appreciated that.

Maybe Letizia should come over here and lecture Mooch about the education of the little black inner city Chicago kiddies.  

And wouldn't you just love to be the proverbial fly on the wall when Letizia tells the king what she really thinks of Mooch?  Letizia always does an admirable job of performing her royal duties.

How many millions did this trip cost us?  I'm guessing about 10 million, give or take a few million.  Pigs.

I love the saucy little ties at the side and the clever little flap hanging in the back.  Mooch, it's time to cover up your "toned" arms. 

Meantime, Odumbo is yukking it up in Canada with a bunch of other Socialists, because being president is serious business, doncha know.  Notice how all Socialist/libtard women swan about with wide open mouths.

And let's not forget to snap a selfie, since that's so serious and such adult behavior. 

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