Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cali Primary Day: Unlike yesterday, today we have more news and commentary than I can handle...

but my anxiety is under control.

Is yours?

Is not easy to place your trust in God during such turbulent times.  That doesn't mean you sit passively in your recliner and ignore the world.  God gave us free will for a reason. It is so we can choose to love Him - or not.  If we do our duty as God intended and requires for our state in life, then we may be assured that the will of God will be done.

So many people have written so many beautiful posts that I can't think of a thing to add.  Okay - that was a bald-face lie.  I'm Italian and can always think of a reason to flap my gums.  My feeble attempt at self-deprecation is just that - feeble.

Starting off with my friend Grunt at The Blog of Monte Cristo and his brilliant post:   A Plea to #NeverTrump Friends.  Grunt speaks for me, and does it way better than I ever could - and we thank him. 

Ms Noble, over at Independent Sentinel, has a fine summation of the Clintons' involvement with Laureate Education, Inc.:  Clintons’ Stunning University Fraud the Media Won’t Report 

I would not hold my breath waiting for the MSM to report on Laureate Education.

Which brings us to the accusations of Trump being a racist for calling the judge in his Trump University case a Mexican.  Well, first off, he is a Mexican, or at least, of Mexican heritage.  This is something the judge is quite proud of which is fine.  The preceding statements are facts. The question remains of whether his heritage is compromising the case against Trump University that has been dragging along for about six years.  Holy cripes.  That's a long time for what appears to be a pretty simple civil case.

Some people are stating that Trump is right.  Over at American Thinker (who would have thought?), Brian Joondeph wrote Trump and the judge - It's not about race, but the rule of law. 

Having done my due diligence, I am comfortable linking to rabidly pro-Trump Conservative Treehouse (The Last Refuge) with La Raza Judge Gonzalo Curiel and the Hispanic National Bar Association…

Even Bill O'Reilly (another whoa, really?) agrees with Trump.

Yesterday O'Reilly interviewed Trump.  Question:  How in hell did O'Reilly make it to the top when he is such a bloviator?  Like Trump, I have very little patience for people who drag things out.  It makes me want to grab them by the throat and scream, "Get to the point!"

Paul Ryan, on the other hand calls it "textbook" racism.
House Speaker Paul Ryan says Donald Trump’s comment on judge Gonzalo Curiel, an American born in Indiana of Mexican heritage, is the “textbook definition of a racist comment.”

“Claiming a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment,” Ryan said at a Washington, D.C., press conference on Tuesday. “I think that should be absolutely disavowed. It’s absolutely unacceptable.” source
Sorry, Paul, you're dead wrong.

 Want to know why?  Sure you do.

 Because you and your ilk think a person's race makes him or her qualified to do a job even if they're not.  Can you say "affirmative action" which is nothing more than racism against white people? Logic tells me that if a person's race can qualify them, it can also un-qualify  them.  Capisce?

  Let's face it, blacks top the charts for racism, closely followed by Hispanics.  Does that mean all blacks and Hispanics are racist. Of course not.

But did we not just witness Hispanics waving flag of Mexico at a Trump rally and attacking Trump supporters? 

Yep, nothing racist going on there.

Monica Crowley expands on my statement:

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