Monday, June 6, 2016

How many Trump supporters are laying in the weeds?...

probably a whole bunch.

Yesterday, while shopping at Walmart, I ran into my favorite library lady who is a good number of years younger than I am.

The subject of this never ending primary season arose, as it is wont to do when two or more are gathered together.

I blurted out that I like Trump and had since day one.

She immediately said she did too, and that she had never said that to anyone before.  Not one person.

Her comment made me wonder how many other people are laying in the weeds, afraid to really say what they think? 

I told her that in the early days of the primary, I kept my support for Trump under wraps on my blog and tried to remain neutral, posting on both Cruz and Trump without throwing support behind either.

Here's the real truth.  When Trump rode down that elevator on June 16th, I became an instant supporter.  I even voted for him in the heavily Cruz state of Idaho.

 I always chuckle when I see an article or comment start with, "Yeah, Trump is crude and vulgar, a xenophobe, not a Christian or a conservative, but we have no choice now but to vote for him while holding our noses."  Heaven forbid that they just say something like, "I like Trump", because they have bought into the meme that "real" conservatives and pseudo-intellectuals have deemed him unfit for polite society.

I think if we were to whack down all the weeds, we'd find a whole bunch of Trump supporters. 


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Warner Todd Huston:   The Lack of Logic in the World of #NeverTrump

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72nd Anniversary of D-Day
June 6th, 1944

Say a prayer for those who died to keep us free.
. . . these men came here - British and our allies, and Americans - to storm these beaches for one purpose only, not to gain anything for ourselves, not to fulfill any ambitions that America had for conquest, but just to preserve freedom. . . . Many thousands of men have died for such ideals as these. . . but these young boys. . . were cut off in their prime. . . I devoutly hope that we will never again have to see such scenes as these. I think and hope, and pray, that humanity will have learned. . . we must find some way . . . to gain an eternal peace for this world. ("Eisenhower: A Soldier's Life)

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