Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sean Hannity asks Trump good questions and lets him answer...

unlike Megyn Kelly.

I'm really tired of reading everyone's opinion of who Donald Trump is and what he believes.  There comes a time when you must listen to the person and weigh carefully what he says.

From the very first day that he announced his run for the presidency, I asked myself, "Why?'

The most often heard answer by the people who are now the anti-Trumpers, was "power."  That leads to the question, "Power to do what?" 

Trump already has power.  He has a family, a business that he clearly loves to run, several beautiful homes, and freedom to do what he wants

Other than his family, he will be giving up most of that.  Trump is not stupid.  He knows that his life will change - mostly in negative ways.

This is well worth the time to watch.

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