Thursday, March 17, 2016

Trump is turning people inside out...

and it's fun to watch.

Two hours.  In two hours of perusing the internet, I have been bombarded with enough anti-Trump hysteria to last until November.

A couple of articles that made Drudge were particularly funny.  How about some expert advice on how to cope with anxiety caused by the Trump campaign.   I'm not including a link because I think this is a worthy article to read.  The link is just to prove I'm not making this stuff up.

Moving on to Politico, telling us how Democrats are sounding the alarm about Trump. Notably quoted is Mary Kay Henry, the head of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which is just about as corrupt an organization as you can find.  Bandied about in the article are the usual epithets; bigot, hate-filled, dangerous, alarming, ugliness, and threatening.

Mary Kay has gotten together with some of her best friends, including those at MoveOn, the Sierra Club, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Greenpeace, to pen a missive telling the left why they need to oppose Trump - or something. 

Over at the WaPo, we learn that Odumbo is going to get really, really involved in stopping Trump, because, after all, Trump is divisive, said the most divisive president ever. 

Drudge saved his headline for John Kasich being the new foe of Ted Cruz since Rubio has slipped back to Florida to enjoy the sunshine.

It appears to me that the "conservative" pundits, bloggers, and assorted others, who have already chosen their savior™, have joined up with a bunch of the most odious types on the left to stop Trump.

None of this "hate Trump" rhetoric is productive.

Rush Limbaugh:
The wise men and the smart money says that there is no way that the powers that be will deny Trump or Cruz once we get to Cleveland. They just won’t do it. It can’t happen. It won’t happen. Too many people will have voted. And I’m sorry, folks, I don’t think that’s automatic because of the way I know the people in the Republican establishment that we are all talking about here.

This crowd is very stubborn. They have not come to grips with what’s happened to them here. They by no means have accepted that the top two delegate getters are outsiders and are not part of the Republican Party ranking establishment in any way. … And the reason they haven’t come to grips with it is that they don’t want to. This operation is theirs. It has been their life. They trained for it in college. They trained for it with family connections. They trained for it, they got involved in it, and they climbed the ladder within it from the moment of young adulthood, those that wanted to be in it that early.

Some have been recruited, of course, over the years because they’ve recently acquired a lot of money and, therefore, have influence. But for the most part, these are lifers. They fear losing their virtual professional existence. They fear losing their self-worth, the thing that gives them swagger. The thing that validates their success is their position in this club, the establishment, the Republican Party and, in fact, the entire Washington establishment.

They’re not just gonna let some outsiders come in and take it. It just isn’t going to happen. The thing to keep in mind here, these people to whom I’m referring, they have all of this whether the party wins or loses elections. That’s the key. They have all of the perks and the power, the lifestyles, the connections, even if they lose elections. As long as they run the party, as long as they run their part of the, quote, unquote, establishment. They fear losing their standing in this club more than they fear the party losing the presidency or any other election.

And let’s talk about other members of the establishment. Let’s talk about other conservative media types. How about the people who – and this is not personal. But how about the people whose very lives are devoted to the intellectual pursuit of conservatism, supposedly? They may have magazines. They may be at think tanks. They may be policy aides. They might be legislative aides. But their existence is to continue to write about the superiority and the preferability of conservatism. That’s the role they play in this whole arrangement. That’s the reason for their existence. That’s what gives them their swagger. They are considered leading opinion makers and opinion leaders. They are considered superior intellects when it comes to the intellectual pursuits of conservatism.

What is the reason for their existence if Trump wins the White House? The think-tank people, what would be the point? Trump has not welcomed them; they haven’t welcomed Trump. Trump is not going to be identified as a movement conservative who is going to be seeking the advice of these people. You think they’re not paranoid? Their whole lives have been rooted and based on that identity. They’re the go-to guys to explain the conservative view of the Middle East. They are the go-to guys to explain the conservative view of Putin and the Ukraine and China and whatever. And now they’re on the outs because nobody will be interested. Theoretically.

Now, they could make a move here and try to sidle up to Trump if and when the day comes, but they don’t want that to happen. They’re scared. I mean, their identities, their self-worth, they’re just not going to peacefully let all this happen.

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