Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Super Tuesday 2 - Is this the beginning or the end?...

we'll know by tonight.

In the meantime, let me expound (briefly) on the worst part of this election cycle.

There's very little for me to read!

Not sure how others are reacting, but the sites that have picked their savior™, and do their best to insult people who don't share their vision, have been knocked off my reading list.

This is both a positive and a negative.

Positive because I have lots more time to do other things besides obsessively reading the political news. 

Negative because I'm not too sure what to do with the extra time I now have since I've formed the (mostly bad) habit of obsessively reading the political news.

It's a conundrum.

I don't care whether you're in the sack for Cruz or Trump, remaining objective is important.

I like what Brandon Smith has to say about journalism today from his article How To Win The War For Your Mind:
There is no such thing as “objective journalism” in the mainstream media anymore. What you see and hear is not the truth but a facsimile of the truth, twisted to benefit the establishment alone. Media outlets today do not investigate events. Instead, they obstruct investigation by promoting only one side of every story and attacking anyone who questions their asserted narrative. The “official version” of any news story is almost always a convoluted fabrication that protects the oligarchy from harm.
No one who considers himself an intelligent human being should accept the official narrative at face value. It is important to question always that which we are told and to investigate using independent or original sources. Never allow yourself to be “taught.” Always examine the facts on your own. Demand that the establishment mouthpieces provide source information, instead of acting as if we should accept everything they say on blind faith. Read the rest - it's very good.
 Most of us don't have time to investigate every little nugget of information that pops up on our PC's, tablets, or phones.

Pick those items which are important to you, and discard the rest.  The attention to the Michelle Fields brouhaha happening over at Breitbart is a perfect example of something I couldn't care less about.

I cannot control today's voting outcome, so I'm headed out for a haircut and some activity that doesn't involve obsessively reading the political news. 

I suggest you do the same.


Zilla's puppies have been posted.  Calm yourself by gazing at their chubby wonderfulness.

Puppies of the Resistance!


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