Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sen. Ted Cruz: “Mr. President, when did the Democratic Party declare war on the Catholic Church?”...

and the outcome is?

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) criticized Senate Democrats and their legislation to circumvent the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision by explaining that their bill would impose “faith fines” on groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor, who refuse to subsidize abortion-inducing drugs, and asked, “Mr. President, when did the Democratic Party declare war on the Catholic Church?”
“The bill that is being voted on this floor, if it were adopted, would fine the Little Sisters of the Poor millions of dollars unless these Catholic nuns are willing to pay for abortion-producing drugs for others,” said Sen. Cruz in remarks on the Senate floor on Wednesday.  read the rest

Senate Dems Fail To Overturn Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Ruling
Democratic Senators’ attempt to nullify the Supreme Court’s ruling in Hobby Lobby and force religious employers to pay for every type of contraceptive coverage required by Obamacare failed to pass a cloture vote Wednesday. 
The bill, introduced by Democratic Senators Patty Murray and Mark Udall, failed to pass a vote Wednesday afternoon, as expected. The Senate voted 56-43 against invoking cloture on the legislation.
The bill would have effectively annulled the Supreme Court ruling by making it impossible for employers to claim exemption from Obamacare’s full contraceptive mandate through the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Mark Kirk voted to advance the bill, but it still failed to attract the 60 votes needed to move forward. read the rest

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