Thursday, July 17, 2014

Obama responds to Malaysian airliner allegedly shot down with 23 Americans aboard...

next up?  

Probably golf.

No, really.

Check out President "Ribbon Cutter" eating with one of the common folk, a certain Ms Tanei Benjamin, who is struggling as a single mother.  Ummm, is she even old enough to have children?

She looks a bit different on her Facebook page. 

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the White House was aware of reports of the crash but that he was "not in a position to confirm" details.
President Barack Obama has been briefed and has directed his national security team to be "in close touch" with Ukrainian authorities, Earnest said. (Obama ignored a shouted question about reports of the crash as he made his way from the Oval Office to Marine One.)  source
 Well, we can't be late to a fund raiser, now can we...

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