Friday, August 9, 2013

Michael Voris: "Obama holds nothing sacred except that which is evil"...(video)

brought to my attention by my blogger friend Dr. Jay Boyd who has much more to say on this subject and some other good videos.  Thanks, Dr Jay. 
From the following video:
  But the same people who pretend to be the moralists and the high-minded with regard to poverty and social justice are the same ones who were working tirelessly to elect and
advance Obama.

Since the Church has sadly found itself so closely wedded to the culture, who can doubt that as the culture disintegrates, it will not impact the Church as well.

The Church upholds the family – the traditional family. Yet many of the heads of these
households aren’t able to find either work or the necessary work to sustain their families.
And as most people know – financial stressers are the leading cause of fights and
arguments and lack of peace in the home.

If you back Obama and call yourself a Catholic – consider what your vote for him has
done to harm, hurt and break apart the traditional family.
The man supports evil – not only in the obvious forms of sodomy and child murder and
contraception, but also – at the same time – by using his power over the economy to
cripple families.

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