Friday, August 9, 2013

A nation (world?) of one handed people...(video)

a new phenomena.

I'll keep this short since I have to zip off to work which is where I first noticed this thingy of people continually carrying their phones in one hand.

I'm usually located toward the back of the grocery store where I work and so I have the luxury of watching people as they progress through the produce department.  The vast majority are holding phones.  Some have their grocery list on the phone, but most are just holding the phone.  Ever watch someone trying to squeeze a cantaloupe or pick out ears of corn with a phone in one hand? 

Soon I started to notice photos on the Sartorialist, depicting spiffily dressed people from all over the world and more than half are holding phones.  Some are talking on their phones but the majority are simply holding their phone.

For what earthly purpose does someone walk around with one hand metaphorically tied behind their back?  I find it weird.

And nowadays, you can't go anywhere in public without half the people sitting staring at their phone.  Remember when people used to talk to each other?

As to that grocery list on a phone? I don't see the point.
I'm a paper kind of gal.  My appointment book is paper.  My shopping lists are paper (and the items are listed in order of their location in the store.)  I take notes by hand (cursive) and use a paper journal. 

I'll have to agree with Emma on the new paperless society.

(The previous post is presented without editing since my editor is tied up.  Please ignore any stupid punctuation. Thank you.)

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