Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bill Whittle: The answer to the burning question...

how tall is Bill Whittle?

But first:

(No peeking...)

It's difficult to find words to describe an evening with Bill Whittle, but two words might be; "dynamic" and "electrifying", and that amounts to just a weak attempt.   I don't ever recall seeing a speaker talk for as long as he did without so much as one um or er, plus manage humor and impeccable logic with such grace, and all without the help of any sort of notes except for one tiny little scrap of paper.

When so many of us are mired in hopelessness, it is refreshing to hear someone say, "We will win.", and then go on to explain why we should win.  As Bill said, we have truth on our side, and it's time we start to tell it to those low-info voters.

This is something Bill feels that Mitt Romney failed to convey.  While I've long thought that the defeat of Mr. Romney was because of the battle he had to wage against "free stuff",  he could have, as Bill suggested, told the people that so-called "Obama phones" were inferior crappy phones while the rest of us had expensive state-of-the art iPhones.  Were these people willing to settle for crappy phones, ugly, crappy, low-class housing, and food stamps, or would they rather be lifted up in life and enjoy what others had?

Chances are, many would have still chosen the "free stuff", but at least they would have heard the truth.  They would hear, if not comprehend, that the Democrats give them crap and we offer them something way better. We offer freedom.  The freedom to succeed.

It is time we demand that our conservative leaders act like conservatives and not "Democratic Light".  Tell the freakin' truth to the people.  Reagan did, and look how that turned out.

I've always believed that when events seem the darkest and we ask ourselves what the hell we're doing and if it's worth it, God sends someone to remind us that we do make a difference.   Bill is just such a person.  He hands out hope - not false hope, but real hope as though it was candy on Halloween.  I was happy to fill my candy bag with the Snickers and malted milk balls he was handing out and feel much better. 

On a side note, Bill went on at length about how much he loves the Coeur d'Alene area - our area, and how he intends to move here some day.  Far from being the kind of thing someone would say, regardless of where they were speaking, he meant it.  As he said, though, and to paraphrase to give an example of his humor, one doesn't just up and move to Coeur d'Alene.  Rather, one must go through a series of decompression events to avoid the "bends", such as first moving to Reno, then to some place in Utah, and finally to Coeur d'Alene...particularly if one is residing in L.A. at the time.

May God bless Bill Whittle.

The Answer to the Burning Question  

Bill Whittle is tall, very slim, looks at least 10 years younger than his age (54), and is very, very handsome, gracious, and obviously very smart.  (Down girl!)

Oh my - that cute smile

Bill with two of my dear friends (who are not short)

Bill listening intensely to a lady. Sorry for the creepy eyes.  I had them all fixed and then they unfixed themselves

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