Monday, March 12, 2012

Do you have blog business cards?...

it would be nice if you did.

How many times have you been chatting with someone at the grocery store or gas station and your blog came up?  It happens to me all the time (mainly because I maneuver the conversation in such a way as to ensure it comes up.)  Usually the next thing is the person asking, "What is the name of your blog", or some such thing.  It took me forever to finally get some business cards without a lot of hassle and cost (remember, I'm cheap thrifty.)

Head out to your local WalMart (way less expensive than an office supply) and pick up some "Hillford Clean Edge Business Cards" (Avery Template 8371.)  I think the value pack was about $5.00 for 90 cards.  Log on to Avery and find the template.  You can easily add a picture and you can even make the cards two sided.  These cards snap out leaving a perfectly clean edge with no perforations.  

I like this approach because our emails often change or we might just want a different design.  Sort of hard to do when you've ordered 500 cards from a printer.

This is the card I whipped together in just a few moments...


The letters don't look all fuzzy up close and personal.  This is a photo of the card.


My phone number is also on the back under my email address.  I figure if a reader really wants to call me, they can do some very simple Googling to find my number so I cropped it off the photo.

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