Monday, March 12, 2012

I try hard not to mention Bill Maher...

because he gets waaaaaay more attention than he deserves. 

Since Friday, I've passed by many blog headlines referring to a video done by Nancy Pelosi's daughter about voters in Mississippi and broadcast on the Bill Maher show.  "Passed by" is the operative phrase because anything that is on his show is bound to be despicable.

This morning, I almost kept going past an article in the Green Room of Hot Air by Susannah Fleetwood, Bill Maher and the Last Bastion of the Intellectually Lazy.

Instead, I read what she had to say, and in a moment of weakness, clicked on the video from the Bill Maher show.  It was such a shockingly repellent glimpse into the cold dead hearts of the panelists that it made me a bit queasy. 

I refuse to post the video here. Please follow the link above and read the fine article and, if you wish, watch the video to see who and what the elitist snobs of the world think is so funny.  Listen to the mindless gibberish that passes for intellectual intercourse in their world.  And be sure and notice the flapping hands of the female guest, complete with the claw imitation.  As I said about Soledad O'Brien (another mental midget):
And what it is it with these female "news" people that they can't keep their hands still?  Advice to women:  If you want to be taken seriously, quit flopping your hands about, tapping your fake nails on tabletops, and doing that whole spread finger claw thing.  It's ugly.

 More Despicable Stuff:

Maher: Santorum Homeschools Kids to Keep Them From Knowledge in His 'Christian Madrassa'

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