Monday, March 12, 2012

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Saturday I rearranged my office again.  Gone is the loathsome little computer desk that used to belong to hubby.  I gave it my best shot, but hated it (even though I could see out my window.)  So back came my beautiful desk which had been moved to our bedroom.  However, my office is still a disaster area.

Hubby has a cold and our little Frankie dog just spit up in his bed.

On the upside, we're halfway through the first season of Downton Abbey that I was able to check out from the library. Season two was purchased at Costco (in a fit of wild abandon of my cheap thrifty ways), and waits patiently for viewing.  Even hubby is enjoying the goings on at the Abbey.

Conservative Teacher:   10 Consequences of an Obama Win in 2012

American Power:  Minnesota Girl Sues Minnewaska Area Middle School in Facebook Case Alleging Invasion of Privacy 

Ordinarily I wouldn't be siding with a little kid, but in this case the actions taken against this girl are egregious. According to the report her Facebook page was private.  What part of "private" did the school administration not understand?  If I was the parent they would have a lot more to worry about than a lawsuit.


Blue's Blog:   The Usurper...

Amusing Bunni:   Major Media Cover-Up! WATCH THIS!

Newsbusters:   Top Daily Show Producer Agrees: ‘Political Comedy Is Inherently Leftist’

iOwnTheWorld:   Greed

Weasel Zippers:   Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Alexandra Mocks White Southerners As Dumb Conservatives…

Maternity, Paternity, and Babies

Right Klik:   Arguing With The Pro-Infanticide Crowd

Creative Minority Report:  The End of Paternity  

National Review: Our Ridiculous Contraception Debate

Lonely Conservative:   Planned Parenthood Accused of Filing Thousands of Fraudulent Medicaid Claims


Fox News: Justice Department files objection to Texas voter ID law

Randy's Roundtable:   Obama DOJ Objects To Voter ID Law

According to the Justice Department, not only are black people too stupid to acquire a photo ID, but so are Hispanics.  When are these people going to understand they are being insulted, demeaned, and marginalized? And for every illegal immigrant that votes, a vote is being stolen from a legal immigrant. 

Derrick Bell

Nice Deb:   Video: Derrick Bell Explains The Underlying, Racialist Assumption Behind Marxist Critical Race Theory

Camp of the Saints:   Derrick Bell: The Man With X-Ray Eyes

Blazing Cat Fur:   Bell, via Kagan, on Critical Race Theory: The Constitution Is the Problem

American Power:   Obama's Favorite Professor at Harvard Was America-Hating Marxist

Close to Home

Moonbattery:   Laying the Groundwork for Nationalizing Food

Pundette:   $3.99 a gallon

Cultural Marxism

From: Capitalist Preservation:

CULTURAL MARXISM: The Corruption of America
Liberals and the Suborned Media Employ Hegel’s Dialectic

Great Quotes

Blue's Blog:   P.C....

Libertas et Memoria:   A quote for our time


Woodsterman:   It's a Dog's Life . . .

Reaganite Republican:   Tattoo Location Viability Chart

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Eye of Polyphemus:   Blogroll Spotlight #136

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