Friday, February 24, 2012

More on Newt in Coeur d' Alene...

which may be a bit more detailed than the last post with all the pics.

Honestly, folks - it was so hot in that place that an elderly lady standing next to us collapsed right after Newt left the stage.  There was no seating, so most of us had been on our feet for four or more hours.  Last I saw she was out cold and the paramedics were on their way in with a gurney.  I hope she's okay.

Because of our early arrival, we were not privy to the latest lunacy from Obama wherein and henceforth all our energy problems were to be solved with algae.  Newt's take on the whole thing and his delivery was extremely funny.  Newt further expounded on his energy policies in a lucid, concise, and easy to understand way (sign of a very smart person.)

Just getting me some gas for my car...

With all that has been said about our current crop of men running for the nomination of the Republican party, this is what I have to say - for what's it's worth, which is not much.  I expect all thinking people to make their own decisions based on their own research and not what someone else's opinion is.

I'm tired of us repeating what the MSM would like us to believe, namely that we have a lame group of do-nothing, dangerous, and wacko possibilities for president, and that Obama will wipe the floor with them.   Nothing, in my opinion, could be further from the truth.  There is not one of the men running for the nomination that could be considered something other than a fine example of a good man who loves his country - even Mittens.  Yes, I said it.  Even Mittens would be better than that sock-puppet and his angry bitter wife who have brought disgrace to the White House and to this country.

Newt in Spokane shortly before speaking in Cd'A where he repeated this statement:

Newt on Energy:

More on First Ladies and their Public Appearance

Allow me to repeat with a bit more clarity yesterday's reference to Callista's stockings and skirt length.  Is there anyone out there who thinks that a first lady who presents herself in public like the following picture is not being mocked by the rest of the world, including her Muslim buddies who would cut her head off for dressing like that in their countries?

Think hard ladies and gents - have you ever seen a first lady look like this?  Ever?  Her slovenly dress, refusal to wear hosiery,  unkempt and dirty looking wig, ghetto diction, and scowling or mugging facial expressions are a disgrace.  Message to Mooch:  We do not want to see your greasy bare legs and under thigh cellulite.  Not ever!

And the unmitigated gall of this woman to stand before the citizens of this country complaining about "fairness" when she has just spent two weeks in Hawaii and felt the need to spend President's Day weekend in Aspen is jaw-droppingly arrogant and tone-deaf. 

Now Here's an apology to Karzai worth hearing

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