Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bill Whittle: Facing the Arithmetic...

More Bill Whittle:

Bill Whittle: What We Believe Series

Part One: Small Government & Free Enterprise  here
Part Two: The Problem with Elitism  here
Part Three: Wealth Creation here 
Part Four: Natural Law here 
Part Five: Gun Rights here
Part Six: Immigration here 
Part Seven:   American Exceptionalism here
Part Eight:  A Nation of Desire here


Bill Whittle:   OBAMA AT HALFTIME ...
Bill Whittle: Just exactly who is Obama? 
Bill Whittle :  Eat the Rich 

Bill Whittle: How to Steal Power

Bill Whittle: The Bridge in Your Mind
Bill Whittle:  Three Years Under Obama

Take the time to watch:

Bill Whittle Explains our Progressive Nightmare 

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