Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's Sunday...

and this is what I'm going to do this afternoon when the thermometer hits 90 degrees.

Bill Whittle Explains our Progressive Nightmare - Part 1

Bill Whittle Explains the Conservative Solution - Part 2

Bill Whittle Sticks Around for an Awesome Q & A - Part 3

H/T Correspondence Committee

Have you seen the Complete List of President Barack Obama's Historic Firsts compiled by our very own Doug Ross?

Be sure and read the comments for even more "firsts."

Washington Rebel brings us  Twelve Things I Notice About Liberals Since the Debt Limit Debate Started  by Morgan K Freeberg - and we thank them.

Something Uplifting for Sunday from Ordered Liberty:   Recognition of weakness is grace at work

And, as always,  Reaganite Republican brightens our day with the Sunday Funnies.


Old Bob said...

Lots of good stuff. Thanks, Adrienne!

Mark D. said...

Thanks for the info, and thanks for the shout out & link! Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Adrienne, the Whittle videos are really good, thanks.