Saturday, December 3, 2011

Minnesota Child Care Rally Today at Noon...

Govonor Mark Dayton is attempting to pay off his union buddies by unionizing all childcare workers.  The end result will be one of three things happening. 
  • The childcare provider will make less money
  • The person seeking childcare will pay more money
  • The state will spend more money in childcare subsidies
The one thing you can be absolutely one hundred percent sure of is that the union bosses will fill their coffers with more money extorted from hard-working people, and will in turn fill the coffers of the Democratic machine in Minnesota. 

From Minnesota Majority:  

The Mental Contortions Needed to Justify Unionizing Childcare

Show your support at the Childcare Freedom Rally
Come to the state capitol at noon on Saturday, December 3 to express your outrage at Governor Dayton’s illegal attempt to unionize independent childcare providers in Minnesota.
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Governor Dayton issued an executive order on November 15 ordering a unionization vote even though he has no legal authority to do so.  Not only that, but only providers that accept children receiving state subsidies will be allowed to vote, even though the decision to unionize will affect all Minnesota daycare providers.
This move will affect parents as well.  Childcare costs have increased an average of 35% in other states that have unionized independent childcare providers.
Greedy union bosses want to skim union dues from taxpayer-funded subsidies designed to help poor parents pay for childcare services.  And childcare providers are just the beginning.  In other states, family members caring for relatives with disabilities have also been forced to join a union.
In-home childcare providers are independent small business owners and are therefore not subject to collective bargaining arrangements.  But that hasn’t stopped Governor Dayton and his union allies from trying to muscle into their businesses.  Recent polls show that 68% of Minnesotans OPPOSE the unionization of childcare providers, but Governor Dayton does not appear to be listening.
When:  Saturday, Dec 3, Noon - 1 pm
Where: Minnesota State Capitol Routunda
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