Saturday, December 3, 2011

Whatever happened to duty?...

good question.

Reflection on Duty

I just read an article in Chronicles, one of my favorite magazines, and was shocked by it because of the audience the author was addressing. I'm not easily shocked I might add. But Jeff Minick described teaching a seminar for homeschoolers on the Civil War. They were discussing Robert E. Lee and he brought up Lee's commitment to duty. "For Lee duty was a sort of eighth virtue," he told the young people.  read the rest
Want to know the real employment figures?  Of course you do!  Maggie has the answer.

Unemployment 8.6% Corrupt: Here’s the Math – Not Fuzzy But Corrupt: 17 Things to Think About

I have much to do and will be gone for awhile.  I heard a rumor that Cain quit /sarc...

The Drill

Play nice while I'm gone, use your indoor voices, keep the sand in the sandbox, and return my toys.

Odie and Randy have been given their own toy trucks since they had a propensity for not returning mine.  Zilla was given an entire circus to play with (she deserves nothing less), and I have a feeling that if Mr. G Guy wasn't in Florida selling the carp out of Christmas trees, he'd keep my toys, too.  So to forestall any problems, I'm going to give his lovely wife Phoebe, of the Detention Room, a toy to share with Mr. G when he returns home. 

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