Monday, December 5, 2011

The good guys are winning in Minnesota...

at least temporarily.

Follow up on my post of Saturday, December 3, 2011

Minnesota Child Care Rally Today at Noon... 

Governor Mark Dayton is attempting to pay off his union buddies by unionizing all childcare workers.  The end result will be one of three things happening.  read the rest if you missed it

What happened today: 

From Minnesota Majority:

Temporary Restraining Order Granted
Ramsey County District Court Judge Dale Lindman today granted a temporary restraining order blocking a vote ordered by Governor Dayton to unionize the state’s home-based childcare providers (docket number 62-CV-11-9535). A group of childcare providers sued for an injunction contending that the vote is unfair and unlawful.

The restraining order will halt the planned mailing of union ballots to approximately 4,300 childcare providers deemed by the governor to be eligible until an injunction hearing can be conducted on January 17th, 2012.  read the rest and consider making a small donation -  I've already made mine.

Conservative rallies - just like the libs   /sarc
Concerned citizens of Minnesota in the rotunda of the Minnesota Capitol in St. Paul last Saturday.   They were there for one hour, respected the people who were working in the building, and left the place spotless. 

Remember the lefties in Wisconsin?

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