Tuesday, April 6, 2021

No Biden and Pope Francis - getting a vaccination is not a "moral obligation"...

 not even a teeny bit.

After seeing that slurred and mumbled Easter message from the fake Catholic- pretend-president quoting the pretend-pope, my anger meter shot past the red zone and into the unchartered danger zone.

Having decided to no longer post rants when I was upset, the anger circled about in my skull probably searing little holes in some necessary brain cells.

After spiritual reading, prayer and reflection, my anger turned to sorrow.  Sorrow for the souls of these misled people who are damning their souls to hell.  And I've asked myself who is the most responsible and most culpable for not telling this man the truth?  Is it the priests who still allow this manifest sinner to receive the body and blood of Christ?  Or his wife who allows this manipulation  of a clearly mentally comprised man?  

Granted his political stances for his entire career have been the antithesis of Catholic teaching, which is mortally sinful, he's now entered his twilight years and his salvation is more at stake than ever, and no one I know of is trying to save his soul. 

 I've included this video from Michael Matt of The Remnant Newspaper. Yes, I know he's Catholic, and it's 36 minutes long, it would be good to watch it anyway. 

It's time for all Christians to band together and listen to truth no matter the source. 

Frankie doggie update:

It's been 12 (very long days - for us, not him😉) of Frankie's recovery.  He's off almost all his drugs, and is sporting a new harness instead of a collar to take the pressure off his neck.  The harness I found for him, Voyager, is the best I've ever encountered, and I can't recommend it more highly.* They have cat sizes too.

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