Thursday, April 8, 2021

Ben Carson: Wake Up!! It's the "United" States of

stop with the divisiveness.

"It’s ‘offensive’ to claim Black people can’t find ID."

There's a darling articulate little gal working at my local grocery store as a cashier. Under ordinary circumstances, I wouldn't even think to mention she was black. I would (as a retired hair dresser) mention she has the most beautiful braids I've ever seen.  

Only decorum and kindness keeps me from leaning over and asking her in all seriousness if she has an ID. Instead, I always have the urge to give her a hug - something I have done in the past.

The constant harping from the commie/libtards about how black people are so dumb they can't get an ID or even get online makes me cringe in embarrassment. Are there some dumb black people? Yep. But after this past year of witnessing face diaper wearing white people, I'd have to conclude there are far more dumb white people than dumb black people. But I'll also wager they all have an ID.

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