Thursday, November 19, 2020

What part of Omertà do the arrogant ignorant lefties not understand?...(video 2:00 of insanity)

 apparently none.

And there's plenty of people on the right who are just as bad.

 Before we start let me say all things election 2020 are really popping today.  It's almost impossible to keep up.  Not only has the Kraken been released, it's mighty pissed off. 

Story time again:

Years ago, when my mother worked at a large hospital in the Houston Medical Center, eventually rising to assistant hospital director, it was common knowledge that she could take impeccable shorthand.

When the directors of the hospital, most of whom were doctors, had a board meeting they would have my mom take the meeting down in shorthand eschewing recording devices.

Gregg Shorthand

They knew that having multiple recordings of sensitive material floating about could be dangerous and could incur all sorts of problems - including blackmail or libel issues.  Besides, if a problem arose they only had to kill one person (my mom) rather than a whole bunch of peeps (only kiiidding - sort of)

It is with continued amazement that today people spew their guts in emails, post terrible stuff on Facecrap, and make videos where they threaten bodily harm - often to an elected official. Now we have the added fun of watching people incriminate themselves on live streamed goofy Zoom meetings, like the mook in the following clip. 

Being of half Southern Italian heritage (Calabrese), and with more than a passing knowledge of Mafia and other criminal entities, such things fall under Omertà - a code of silence about criminal activity and refusal to cooperate with authorities. Included in that code is not keeping written or recorded records of criminal activity.  The concept is so ingrained in me that I get sweaty just writing "love" at the end of a letter for fear it will come back to haunt me one day. 

Who can ever forget Anthony Weiner sending pics of his male member to underage girls - or any of the so-called "dick-pics."  Or people filming themselves having sex and doing illegal drugs - we're looking at you Hunter! 

So - why should the following surprise us:

 A typical insane commie/libtard unloads on a couple of members.

Ned Staebler - Wayne County Board of Canvassers:  In view of the insane abusive insults I got hit with over at the Costco Insider, it doesn't surprise me. 

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