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Fr. James Altman: You Cannot Be Catholic (or Christian) and a Democrat. Period...


What follows applies to all people who consider themselves Christians.

Back in June, my good friend and unofficial spiritual advisor, Lone Star Parson, had a post on the Feast of the Holy Trinity, and I cringe when I think of my arrogantly ignorant cringe-worthy comment.  I said something to the effect that I didn't give the Trinity much thought.  I just accepted it as a fact and that was that.

LSP, in his wisdom, did not virtually smack me upside the head for being a doofus. He kindly suggested that an understanding (as best mortal man can understand a mystery) of the Trinity was important, and reading the chapters on the Trinity in Theology for Beginners, by F.J. Sheed, would be of immense value to my spiritual life. 

Being an obedient acolyte, I ordered the book from Amazon.  Since then, I read a small section as part of my morning routine.  As I'm drawing to a close on this incredible book, which I plan to start over in a few days, I skipped ahead to the epilogue where Sheed speaks of Truth, and about the war for the souls of men waged by the devil, and the weapons we must have in order to win. Sheed made it clear that is our job to bring the truth to our neighbors. 

The war is fought with many weapons, but the principal one is Truth. For truth means seeing reality as it is. Men who do not know what God is, what man's soul is, what the purpose of life is and what follows death, are simply not living in the real world. And this is the condition of the great mass of the human race. They need to be shown the truths about God, the spiritual order, the world to come, for men cannot live according to a reality which they do not see - nor dare we blame them for failing to live according to a reality which we have never shown them. Above all they must come to see and know Christ Our Lord, in whom all truth is contained and by whom it is announced to men.

...Truth is not simply a weapon to be used in warfare for the souls of others. It is food for the mind and light for the mind, our own mind is foodless and lightless without it.

...Those who do not know the things that can be known only by revelation are living merely in a suburb of reality; it is pathetic that they should think they are living in the whole of it. 

Back on September 14, I did a post highlighting an excellent video by Michael Matt, Why are we not screaming from the rooftopsIncluded in that post was a video by Fr. James Altman, You Cannot Be Catholic and a Democrat.

Fr Altman's caused quite an uproar with many of the Catholic hierarchy and even the "liberal Catholics" (a perfect example of an oxymoron.) Truth has a way of doing that. 

Yesterday, the fearless Fr Altman released another video; Liberal Catholics are Wolves in Sheep's Clothing.

Allow me to repeat: Everything he says applies to all Christians - not just Catholics.

I'm going to re-post the first video to save you time, rather than send you back to the original post.  I don't need additional clicks since I make no money off this little blog.

We are living in difficult times. There have been times that were much worse, but we weren't living then. This is our very own difficult time and it's up to us to deal with it.

Much is said about preparing, and the virtue of Prudence makes that a reality to face. But the most important preparation must be our spiritual life. It is of no use to have food for the body, while ignoring the food for our souls. 

The first video published on August 30th 

From Youtube:

Father James Altman calls out the hypocrisies of Church hierarchy and their destructive leftist politicization of the Catholic Church that has slapped faithful Catholics in the face and led many others astray. Altman also explains the basis of human nature and our purpose in life.

The second video published September 20th

From Youtube:
Fr. James Altman doubles down in his widely anticipated follow up to the viral video "You Cannot Be Catholic & a Democrat" - which he maintains is the simple truth and a no-brainer statement. Altman discusses the "great tragedy" of the Church, and left-wing cancel culture - the bullying and socialist tactics used in opposition to him and other faithful Catholics.

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