Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Maximo Alvarez warns against communism while CNN "fact checks" the Republican National Convention...

 in a hilarious attempt to discredit Trump and the lineup of wonderful speakers last night.

Out of concern for the sensibilities and time constraints of my readers, I will not include a link to the aforementioned article on CNN. 

I'll sum it up for you:

Everything they vetted was declared true followed by a "but."  For instance: yes black employment was at an all time low, but it was mostly black women and didn't take into account what happened after the government imposed shut downs. Huh?

By way of comparison the following is what the commie/libtards want for you:

The Globalist Agenda

-Destroy the nuclear family with feminism

-Destroy social cohesion with multiculturalism

-Destroy any connection to the past with woke revisionism

-Divide-and-conquer the populace with racial and partisan conflict

-Destroy small businesses and the middle class with crushing debt, cheap foreign labor, automation, and manufactured crises that transfer all economic power to multinational banks and corporations run by globalist billionaires ("the Great Reset")

-Prevent a peasant revolution with universal basic income

-Disarm the population

-Pathologize anything normal and traditional

-Glorify anything degenerate and nihilist

-Pacify the disaffected with porn, drugs, mindless entertainment, and toxins in their food and medicine

-Converge all existing religions into a new one-world religion based on bland humanism, virtue-signaling, and obedience to the ruling class

-Replace national sovereignty with global governance

-Control politicians with bribery, sexual blackmail, and shampeachments

-Replace nationalist leaders with globalist puppets through "regime change" in the name of "democracy"

-Ensure everyone is on the "right side of history" by dominating the media and education system

-Institute total surveillance of communication and finance through an alliance of Big Tech monopolies and the deep state

-Censor all opposition as "hate," "misinformation," and "conspiracy theories"

-Persecute dissidents with cancel culture and lawfare

-Develop transhumanist technologies for the exclusive use of elites

-Reduce the global population to a manageable slave class in the name of "sustainability"

-Roll out the red carpet for the antiChrist.

Don't let it happen!!

Listen to someone who has "been there, done that.  Maximo Alvarez, a Cuban immigrant warns that the progressive movement mirrors the Castro movement he witnessed when he was young.

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