Saturday, March 14, 2020

No human behavior happens without a prompt...

and the crazies are being prompted and manipulated into outlandish behavior.

Trust me on this - no action you or anyone else takes happens without a prompt. Not one! It may be a physical prompt, an external prompt, or an internal prompt.  The media with their click bait crap and the advertisers all know this.

Don't fall for it!

Need I mention that most of the panicked toilet paper hoarders are the Godless commie/libtards easily led by a complicit and dangerous commie/libtard press who are prompting the weak minded into insane behavior?

I've been silent for almost a week watching the press trying to demonize Trump for a virus that originated in China. Oooops!  There I go being all racist and stuff.

Trump has done a remarkable job, while the left prays for us all to die.  We deplorable dirt peeps are expendable, doncha know?

Thankfully, our little slice of North Idaho has remained somewhat sane. I went to Costco last Monday for a regular shopping trip. It was busy, but then it always is. I didn't buy any toilet paper because we have plenty.😀

Take a break.  Grab a cup of coffee (or whatever your preferred libation is) and listen to the voice of calm.

Michael Matt leads off in the following video with the the twin cities of St. Paul/Minneapolis declaring  March 10th as "Abortion Providers Appreciation Day."  Seriously?  How about making March 11th "Appreciating the Holocaust Day?"

Do the fallen not see how bizarre and hellish this is?  I often wonder why the SJW loons marching about screeching for "women's choice" don't realize the only reason they can do that is because their mother didn't have them sucked out and flushed down a drain.

I have devoted this Lent to the 40 Days for Life campaign.  I've been using Shawn Carney's book To the Heart of the Matter for part of my daily prayer. It's a wonderful resource and can be used at any time of the year.

And finally - for the past two weeks I've been outside cleaning gardens, trimming trees, and other spring related tasks. Today? We're having a "last blast of winter storm" with gale force winds, blowing snow, and cold temps (16° right now).  Not to worry.  Our wood stove is chugging away, my Kindle is stocked up, the pantry is full of food, and we have lots of toilet paper.  By Monday the sun will be back and we'll be back in the high 50's.

Have a glorious weekend and remember that Trump has designated Sunday as a National Day of Prayer.   


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