Friday, March 6, 2020

Keep Tweeting President Trump...

I hate starting a first Friday by being annoyed.

Not just annoyed, but completely and totally ticked off.

To quote famous climate scientist, Greta Scoldilocks - "How dare you?"

Almost the first thing I hear from hubby is how some people are urging President Trump to stop tweeting and running his mouth.


Imagine if you would a world where our president (yes, Karen, he is your president) did not fight back with his tweets. Imagine a world where the only thing you heard was the lies spewing forth from the MSM.  Imagine having "Trump has told 16K lies" repeated over and over ad infinitum. Or "Trump is a racist."


We are urged to show gratitude every day to improve our lives. I'm no lover of Twitter. As a matter of fact I don't even splash about in the muck with other tweeters even though I have an account. I can access our president's tweets from a gazillion other sources.

But I'm eternally grateful that President Trump has Twitter to broadcast the truth.

About Warren:

Tucker Carlson sums it up beautifully.

Let the commie/libtards stew in their ignorant and arrogant hatred for all things good and noble.  They can spread their lies amongst themselves, pat each other on the back for being "woke", but eventually they'll have to answer to the God who made us all.

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