Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Will the Vatican meddle in the 2020 election?...

I'm sure they'll try.

Not only do we Catholics have to deal with the loons in our government, but we also have one of the worst Popes ever.  And, yes, Martha, he is your Pope just as Trump is your president.

All I have to know about Francis is that the majority of my family who are not merely lapsed Catholics, but actually apostates, think he's just so so so very humble and wonderful.

Remember this Catholics and non-Catholics - the teachings of the Church have not changed no matter how many commies the pope hangs out with. 

The Remnant's Michael Matt sums it up quickly and succinctly:

 Pope Francis is a mediocre politician...

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Why brick and mortar stores are failing:

After doing much research for a better floor wax for my bathrooms, I finally settled on one that I thought would do the job.  So I'm on my local Home Depot site only to be told that, "No, we don't have that at the Coeur d'Alene store, but if you want to drive over to Liberty Lake (15 miles) they have three bottles or..........you can purchase it and we'll bring it over to the Coeur d'Alene store for you.  Well, guess what?  I don't want to drive to Liberty Lake and I'm not in a hurry so I purchased it only to be told that it would be at the store somewhere between Dec 3 to the 6th.

That was over a week ago.  Are you freakin' kidding me?  It's going to take them about 10 days to get a bottle of pre-paid floor wax 15 miles???  I guarantee you that someone who works at the Liberty Lake store lives in either Post Falls or Cd'A.  They couldn't hand it to this employee and say, "How about dropping off this wax at the Cd'A store on your way home?" And, yes, I get it about hours worked, insurance, and all the other pesky things that go along with making that sort of request of an employee. That can all be handled.

These corporate run mega-stores have completely lost the concept of customer service.  They also micro-manage from some headquarters making it impossible for an employee to make a decision (like dragging that wax to Cd'A) that would benefit the company image.

And that, my precious little peaches, is why brick and mortar stores are failing.

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