Friday, November 15, 2019

Slogging through the Trump "impeachment hearings"...

does anyone care?

I'm not referring to the never Trumper media cabal who actually think they're relevant.  They're never going to miss a chance to pretend to be intellectuals.  And the people who buy into the whole "Trump followers are Nazis" shtick are just as useless (as in idiot.)

So what's a normal everyday person to do?

You're going to live your life to the best of your ability.  You're going to start your day with prayer, instruct your children,  read a good book, create some art, visit the gym, and cook a lovely dinner. You're going to be kind to the people you encounter during the day - even the crabby cashier at the grocery store.  You're going to stand up for this great republic we call our home and ignore the foolish bleating of the commie/libtards. In short - you're going to be an American!

And to get your weekend started off with a happy allow me to introduce you to 17 year old Nick who was interviewed by Right Side Broadcasting before the Bossier, LA Trump rally yesterday.  I've set the video to start at 2:36, but if it doesn't work right just forward to that time.

This bright and erudite young man may have a future in politics and he'd get my vote.  I might add that everyone Right Side Broadcasting interviewed before the rally was intelligent and well spoken.  They breed them smart in Louisiana. Must be all the Cajun food!


Gateway Pundit:  BREAKING: Trump WhiteHouse Releases Transcript of President Trump’s First Call with UkrainainPresident Zelensky  (Hmmmm - sort of takes the wind out of today's waste of taxpayer money hearings)

Lone Star Parson:  Impeach!  (LSP can say so much with so few words. I'm jealous)

Virtual Mirage: Friday Fun (excellent summation of the week)

Bunkerville:  Kent: ‘We thought the CEO of Burisma had stolen money’  (Bunk always gets it right!)

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