Thursday, October 10, 2019

Trump rally today in commie Minneapolis...

I pray for his safety.

Because "Minnesota nice" is not nice - it's called passive aggressive.

That's why President Trump has held rallies all over the country with almost no protesters and very few problems, but Minneapolis is expecting "thousands" to cause mayhem.  Way to go, Minnesota!

Right Side Broadcasting will be live at 11:30 am.  They have been banned by Youtube from broadcasting the actual rally live (fascists!), but will be outside talking to peeps and doing their usual outstanding job.

Minnesota will vote for Trump in 2020 - count on it! And I want to be in the front of line to watch the commie/libtard Minnesota heads explode. 


Liberty Nation:  Minneapolis Mayor Fails To Derail Trump Rally

LSP: The Rage of the Left

Bunkerville:   Whistleblower, Whistleblower Who Art Thou?

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