Monday, September 23, 2019

It's Monday: Let's start the new week off with a bit of motivation and planning...

later on we'll get to the ugly stuff - and the good Lord knows there's plenty of that floating about.

While working on updating my future log of all the stuff I have to do, I bumped into a video by a local blogger, Patrice Lewis, who also writes for World Net Daily. (It's posted at the end)

It's a short clip about how outmoded paper is since we now have a plethora of tech devices to replace it.  A husband is trying to shame his wife into abandoning paper and using tablets, computers, phones, et al.  The ending is hilarious (at least to me - one of the greatest lovers of paper, evah!)

While I love a paper agenda and do plenty of brainstorming and keep my daily journal on paper, I'm certainly not adverse to tech.  My future log is done on Excel, but it is printed out and kept in my written agenda.

Are people returning to paper?

I think so.  Whenever I go somewhere where the likelihood of needing to record an appointment might arise, I take my agenda.  When I whip it out it never fails to arouse strong positive responses from the staff.  They all want to look at it, ask me where to get one, inquire about the colored coded dots I make using highlighters designating either a household, garden, or personal task.  I write actual appointments in red ink.

Quo Vadis Space 24 Planner
If you're thinking about a returning to old fashioned paper and pen the planner I use is a Space 24 made by Quo Vadis.  They have many other formats available depending on your needs.

Also listed on the above post are the authorized dealers.  I use Classic Office Products and have been very happy with the service and price.  Many of the Quo Vadis planners are also on Amazon, but this is one area where I'd prefer to purchase from a dealer.

I hesitated in showing you a page from my actual agenda since it will alert everyone to my very boring life, but what the hey!

I use the right hand side to list what I want to accomplish that week in household, personal, and garden. At the end of the week I do a review.  Thankfully, this particular week I didn't write the heading "What could have gone better" because the usual scold is that I was online too much (except I probably was.)

The little color coded squares get an "x" if the task was completed. If it wasn't there is a red arrow pointing to the right meaning it was moved forward.

There is also room on the right for notes, phone numbers, etc.


If your'e wondering who William is and why he got trimmed, well - William is a tree.  Yes, Martha - some of my trees have names (I'm a very sick puppy!) I also use many medical abbreviations ie: the letter "c" with a line over it is a medical abbreviation often used by doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. The symbol looks like this: c.  

The little twerp gets exactly what's coming to him:

Be sure and stop by later to find out what you can do to stop the forward march of the commies.

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