Wednesday, July 17, 2019

CNN steps in their own doo doo...


CNN:  Hey, let's get a bunch of Republican women together and see if they'll turn on Trump.

Not happening.

Randi Kaye, the CNN creature, hectored and badgered these Dallas women trying to get them to say Trump was a racist.  She even insulted their intelligence by reading the dictionary definition of racism.

What the hell ever happened to Martin Luther King wanting a color blind world?  The only thing the mental midgets on the left talk about is color, color, color.

Now the four horsewomen of the Apocalypse think Pelosi should acknowledge that they're "women of color."   Ummm, idiot - we're all women or men of color.  Last I checked I'm not invisible.  And guess what, Empty Cortex?  After a summer of working outside without sunscreen (hate the stuff) I'm waaaay darker than you.  I'm also worlds smarter than you, but that's another post.

Please take special note of the expressions on the CNN squid's face. 

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