Monday, June 24, 2019

Democrat Debates: Let the Crazy Commence...

popcorn at the ready

On Wednesday, June 26, and Thursday, June 27th  the democrat hopefuls will gather together to reinforce what every thinking person in this country already knows - they're insane.

Let me summarize for you:

  • Tax the rich
  • Trump bad
  • Dump the electoral college
  • Free health care 
  • Free abortions
  • Free college
  • Free child care
  • Tax the rich
  • Trump bad
  • Forgive student loans
  • Open borders 
  • Special rights for sexually confused people
  • Tax the rich
  • Trump bad
  • Reparations for black peeps
  • Gut the military
  • Amnesty for illegal invaders
  • Tax the rich
  • Trump really really bad
Have I missed anything?

Not since the crowds screamed "crucify him" has such a motley crew of loathsome revolting immoral people been gathered together to insult the intelligence of the citizens of this country.

I can't wait!

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