Thursday, May 9, 2019

These people are possessed by an evil spirit...

tell me why I'm wrong!

Give it your best shot...

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Yesterday I went to Lowe's in search of wood hardener and wood filler for exterior use.  They stocked one of the items, but it was out of stock.  The other items they didn't carry at all and it was a special order.  WTHell?  Isn't it a home improvement store?  Our local Ace Hardware is better stocked than Lowe's, and I do shop there quite often. 

So, I came home and ordered both items through Amazon.  I will have both products by tomorrow (delivered to me by a cute guy wearing brown shorts 😉.)

As much as I detest Bezos' politics, I often wonder why a store like Lowe's complains about Amazon.

Years ago I worked for Home Depot for about two long miserable weeks.  Since then I've refused to shop there.  However, since the co-founder is such a huge Trump supporter, I will re-consider my personal shopping ban and check them out again.

And...............not a fan of Macy's and rarely go there, but their recent decision to stock muslim attire, including the hijab, has permanently knocked them off my list of places to spend my money.  I haven't noticed them carrying chapel veils for traditional Catholic women.  Pigs!

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