Monday, May 6, 2019

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia), Pennsylvania's First Openly Gay Representative Attacks Elderly Woman Praying in Front of Planned Parenthood...

You can read about it at PJ Media.  

This is the LINK to the video, apparently from 4 days ago, of this POS harassing a nice older lady who is quietly saying a rosary.

I couldn't even watch the whole thing it was so terrible.

This level of hate and ranting could only be spurred on by someone who was possessed by the devil.

Rep. Sims brings up morality and accuses her of not being moral.

The following is going to be direct and to the point:

This is a man who allows another man to ram his erect penis into his filthy anal orifice and then feels morally able and has the audacity to spew a disgusting barrage of insults at a nice lady.

I have a message for all the liberal commies out there:  This is not about "love." If you believe that then you are probably the result of a liberal education, such as it was, in a state run school.  And don't even try to bring up "diversity."

 This is perversion and this guy has no business representing anyone.

Check out his twitter post below directed at Mike Pence from 2018:

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