Friday, April 12, 2019

Julian Assange: Hero or Traitor?...

you be the judge.

And if you're waiting for clarity from the MSM, your vision will be forever clouded.

Yeah - I know that I have three videos lined up like little soldiers, but instead of floating around Facecrap doing absolutely nothing to improve your life, spend some time listening to people who try their best to be actual journalists.

And since I mentioned Facecrap, what's with them no longer alerting you which of your friends has done an update?  It means that you have to go to your friends list and sift through them one by one to see who has updated.  On purpose?  You bethcha! Who the hell has time for that nonsense.  Now all you see is ads.

Lara Logan's interview with Mark Levin put's the MSM "journalists" in perspective.


PJ Media:  Are More Indictments of Obama Officials Coming?

Don Surber:  Why Democrats have gone loony left

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DC Clothesline:  Deep state behind arrest of Julian Assange in last-ditch desperate effort to take down Trump with forced “confessions”


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