Tuesday, March 26, 2019

How was Unplanned the movie?...

if everyone in this country would see Unplanned, all people would storm Washington demanding an immediate end to abortion.

It's that good.

I Bought the Lie

Until I was about 30 years old I thought it was "just a blob of cells" and abortion was liberating for women.  They call the devil the "Father of Lies", which explains why someone who was raised a good Catholic girl could stray so far.

I was not alone.

I grew up in the 50's and reached adulthood in the 60's.  I witnessed the advent of birth control and the aftermath when sex became totally separated from procreation.  In the 60's sex became a recreational activity instead of a holy act between a husband and wife who were always open to the possibility of life. 

That "free love" sort of a lifestyle is sinful and sin dulls the mind and destroys the soul.  The devil has done his job well.

Witness women screaming in the streets to kill their babies.  If that isn't evil possession, I don't know what is.

About that R Rating

The progressives do not want young people to see this movie. They rated it R to make sure that doesn't happen.

It reminds me of when I was teaching religious education to the 7th - 12th graders at my parish.  One of the 8th grade students had made a pro-life poster that contained disturbing pictures of aborted babies.  I took the poster to my pastor to ask whether it was appropriate to make that part of the upcoming lesson.  His answer?  "Yes, because it's the truth, and they need to see the truth."

I watched as the young people stood in front of that poster with tears leaking out of their eyes - both the boys and the girls, because it was the truth.  

The Real Message of the Movie

You can seek and find forgiveness after having an abortion.  God loves you and God will forgive you. Grace abounds for those who seek it.

What I Learned

Planned Parenthood knows when people peacefully pray outside an abortion clinic the number of abortions that day drops dramatically and they damn sure don't want you to know this.  As many as 75% of women showing up for abortions leave and seek help elsewhere.

I always thought it was a rather useless act - even though I know the power of prayer.  I was wrong.

From now on I will be one person joining in the prayer line outside a clinic at least once per month.   

Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon are the film’s co-writers, co-producers and co-directors.

From Crux: (emphasis mine)
The film has been shown to sample groups hundreds of times, Solomon said. “Not one person said it’s not good. Not one.” Some cried, he added, “even men - they’re just as affected if they were involved in an abortion. And they say they feel freed, healed.”
Konzelman credits such feelings to the film’s overall message: “That there is grace and forgiveness, hope and healing and redemption no matter what you’ve done, and particularly for post-abortion women and men.”
He hopes those scarred by abortion will find healing through the film, then will become pro-life advocates and tell those considering abortion. “This is the mistake I made. I suffered tremendously for it. You don’t need to make the same mistake. If you find yourself in a crisis pregnancy, let’s find another way to handle it.'” 
“The great lie,” Konzelman continued, “is that you can walk into an abortion center, they can erase the baby and you can walk away and forget about it. There’s grief the rest of their life, and this movie helps them get passed that.” 
Solomon said, “If the world doesn’t end abortion, the Lord will. And we are not going to like how he does it.”

The movie opens on March 29th.  Scoop up your teenagers, your friends (especially your friends who may be pro-choice) and see this movie.


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