Thursday, March 7, 2019

Civil War 2.0??...

your thoughts.

I thought I'd better check in from my snowy abode (I may escape today for a bit) so you wouldn't think I'd fled the planet.

Lent started with a smashing sacrifice when I couldn't get out on Fat Tuesday to gorge on a carb laden pile of pancakes or filled doughnuts.  Do I get a do-over on Fat Tuesday?  Maybe LSP can give me a special dispensation to indulge today (please?)

 Even worse  I couldn't get out on Wednesday to attend Mass and have ashes plastered on my forehead.  Sigh.

Disturbing Content

No - not the wacked out commies further pushing their anti-American agenda and their relentless pursuit of trashing our duly elected president.  I resent every tax-payer dime these enemies of the state are sucking up instead of doing their jobs.

This is about a number of articles in the American Thinker from last week.

 On February 28 Is a Second Civil War Coming? was posted and scooped up close to 1700 comments.  

The following day  America's Second Civil War Has Already Begun gobbled up over 1200 comments.

On March 3, they posted What does it take to start a civil war? with well over 500 comments.

Then on March 6, Lloyd Marcus posted  What If Trump Loses in 2020?  also with over 500 comments.

Why am I mentioning the comments?

Anyone who has hung around my corner of the internet knows that I spend quite a bit of time perusing comments on articles.  While I like reading what intelligent people post, I'm even more interested in how people respond. 

 I found the responses a bit alarming.  The comboxes, other than the trolls, were filled with people who were equally alarmed, but still pragmatic about the outcome of the politics of today.  These were not comments from wild eyed skin- heads, but mostly well thought out responses. 

I've always thought the idea of Civil War was impossible.  I'm not so sure anymore. I have taken my own temperature on the ignorant antics of the commies in this country and it's has soared into the brain frying area.  


This comment from American Thinker brings me to the next subject - the documentary Hoaxed. 
We are already deep into a civil war. Because much of the fighting is done with information, not hand to hand combat, most don’t see it. The war is well underway. 
 I watched Hoaxed yesterday and I am so impressed that I'm urging you to watch it.  That's a big step for me since the producer, Mike Cernovich, is not on my fan list.  This is one of the best objectively produced documentaries of the psychotic hold fake news has on our society.  I think you'll be surprised what they have to say about Black Lives Matter too.


Conrad Black: The Greatest Constitutional Crisis Since the Civil War

Virtual Mirage:  Putting Things in Perspective

Imprimis:  America’s Cold Civil War

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