Thursday, January 31, 2019

Tucker Carlson gives pro-death commie/marxist/libtard numerous chances to answer a simple question...

she not only does not answer the question concerning the Virginia Governor proposing killing a baby up to and after birth, but she drags out every pro-death talking point - all of which are demonstrably false.

  • back alley abortions - check
  • coat hangers - check
  • you're trying to repeal Roe v Wade - check
  • reproductive health is under attack by Republicans - check
  • my body, my choice - check
  • "sexual predator" Kavanaugh - check  
  • this isn't about babies, it's about women being able to control their bodies - check
  • this is about a woman's choice and you as a man should not have a single thing to say about that - check
  • it's your party that is tearing apart families at the border - check
And that ladies and gentleman is a smug smarmy representative of many of the young people and how they're programmed with nothing but nonsensical commie talking points. 

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