Thursday, January 10, 2019

Trump at the border McAllen, Texas 1/10/2019...

and some observations.


One of the things that makes Trump great is his willingness to listen.

Have you ever worked for a boss (I know you have) who made changes to the systems without ever consulting the people who actually did the job?  A few examples would be the manager of a restaurant who changes some part of the  requirements of the wait staff without ever asking them what would improve the service?  Or the manager who tries to make the cashier or salesperson do something that will never work - because they never asked the cashier or salesperson if his change will improve the outcomes?

What Trump is doing here is listening to the people who are doing a job and taking their recommendations. That's what a good boss does!


As many of you know I'm not a super fan of Ted Cruz.  But you are witnessing how a real adult conducts himself.  Cruz and Trump had a primary battle that at times appeared rather ugly.  Cruz lost.  But Cruz has set that aside, supports our president, and does what his constituents want him to do.  My view of him has ratcheted up several notches.


The Border Control Agent is very well spoken.


I think I may like Ted's beard.

Build the Wall!


I purchased this a few weeks ago and finally got around to adjusting it and trying it out.  If you suffer from "computer hunch" you may need one.  Both hubby and I have been wearing it today and it's really helping.

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