Friday, January 11, 2019

Trump and Hannity at the border...

"manufactured crisis is a manufactured sound bite."

I defy any commie/marxist/libtard to try and tell me that Donald J. Trump does doesn't (ooops - thank you Kid) sound like a rational intelligent American human being.  Go ahead. Give it your best shot.  Try and refrain from the "F" bomb or calling him a motherf*cker.  Thank you in advance.

My Prediction:

In view of my lousy record of predictions lately, you may want to consider just moving on to the video (it's excellent!)

However, I predict that Pelosi et al will cave and fund the wall.  Trump will make it possible for them to save face - because that's what a master negotiator does.  Unlike the previous president who loved to roll up his passed bills like newspapers and smack the repubs like naughty puppies who just wet the floor, this president is a man of action and just keeps moving forward.


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