Thursday, December 13, 2018

Melania talks to Hannity and the MSM has loony meltdown because Melania's highlighted hair is lighter...

the comments from the left are really stupid.

Yesterday, while waiting for my husband at the doctor's office, I had a chance to peruse the entertainment type mags like People.  Cue up the brilliant, fashion icon, amazing, and timeless beauty of Michelle Obama plastered in every issue.

After suffering 8 years of the most obnoxiously undignified and slovenly first lady who spoke in fake ghetto in the history of this country, anyone who finds the lady-like Melania not up to par needs to be hauled away on a 5150 - stat!

In case you need to be reminded:

"The media likes to focus on the gossip and I would like them to focus on the substance and what we do and not nonsense." Melania Trump

Kurt Schlichter: Don’t Underestimate Dumb Voters’ Appetite For Idiot Leftist Politicians  Excellent summation and an offered solution.  Trust me on this: the peeps I know who voted for Empty Cortex or the Fake Mexican can not tell you one thing these two support.  And. they. don't. care. Capisce? 

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This is nice:

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