Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Restoring Tomorrow in Cinemas 11/13...

and it looks really good. 
Amid the horrific headlines tearing our country apart, a major film event is coming November 13th (today) to show how Americans can come together in common cause. 
“Restoring Tomorrow” tells a universal story of hope, as it focuses on a landmark house of worship that was literally crumbling and a community’s against-all-odds determination to restore it to new greatness. The film dramatically demonstrates how there is more that unites than divides us, and how we can still rise above differences to achieve great things. 
The story is told through the eyes of filmmaker Aaron Wolf who, like so many other young people, had lost connection to his faith. In documenting the struggle and ultimate triumph of the restoration, he finds that he himself is restored. The film illuminates a path back to meaning and spiritual connection that repudiates the rancor, showing how we can create a rich and unifying collage of community across the nation.
Following the event, audiences will join Aaron and religious and community leaders from across the spectrum for a dialogue about how we can all go about restoring our own tomorrows.

You can check if it will be in a theater near you HERE


Variety:  Review of Restoring Tomorrow

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