Monday, September 3, 2018

What are you doing for Labor Day?...

which is similar to the teacher asking returning students to write about "what they did this summer."  Gah!

I'm planning on doing some labor on my favorite day of the week.  Yeppers!  New beginnings and all that rot.  After the last two weeks of "if anything can go wrong it will", I'm ready for a reboot.

Besides, starting a week off with the knowledge that the traveling circus funeral of John McCain is finally over and he has been properly slipped into the ground is invigorating to the spirit.

After laboring a nice rack of baby back ribs is waiting for us.

Sitting next to the ribs will be a luscious baked potato with all the fixings.

Now go out there and have a lovely day, peeps!

Amazon Today

This was just delivered to my humble abode and it is work of art.  Truly!

Arriving Wednesday will be this bad boy: And I'm definitely getting these for this winter: I receive a small commission when you purchase items through my links - at no additional cost to you. I call that a win/win. And clicking on the "Buy Now" button does not obligate you to actually purchase that item. It just allows you to take a gander.

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