Tuesday, July 17, 2018

If Russians can hack Amazon Prime Day...

why not elections?

Only kiiiiddiiing.

The fake news and the commie/marxist/ libtards have gone completely bonkers.   Anyone one subjects themselves to the wild stories, speculation, and downright insanity of the left should check themselves into the nearest hospital on a 72 hour hold for observation.

As Bunkerville said:  Recall when Bill Clinton meddled in Russian Election? Putin extracts revenge?

And Hardnox has Professor Cohen on Why Trump Was Attacked Over Russia

Instead of polluting my mind with aimless, ignorant, baseless, vicious, irrelevant garbage I will instead apply color to my toenails.  When I'm finished, I will paint something just so I can watch it dry. 

Sen. Rand Paul:  "Let's take a step back and look at the bigger picture."

Note well the snarky CBS "journalists" including beta male John Dickerson (perfect name for him) and a couple of bitchy females touting virtue signalling moral standards that they don't think Trump did enough to defend. What exactly do these elitist snobs know about morals?  

  About Amazon Prime Day

I'm befuddled about how Amazon could foul up the beginning of Prime Day with their website all but down for hours.   And I was just there and had a devil of a time finding some items.

Did they do this on purpose?  If so - it was a mega bad business decision.

As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small commission when you purchase something through my links at no additional cost to you.

Anything you order when you access Amazon through one of my links earns me a few more pennies.  It doesn't have to be my specific link.  So if your'e one of the lucky ones and find a deal - I thank you.

Prime Day Deals 

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